About Me

“You made it! I knew you would!”

~Dr. Grant Seeker, Dinosaur

Welcome to The Musing Mouse! It is a great honor to have you come visit my humble internet abode. My name is Sarah Merly, and I am a journalism student at a beautiful classical Christian college in Virginia. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved examining art, and Walt Disney World has inspired me in that pursuit since I was 1 year old. I want to make stories that reflect God’s heart and help people see Him better. To do that, it’s incredibly helpful to reflect upon the great storytellers who have gone before me. Although anyone who knows me knows that I love Plato, Shakespeare, Dante, and the like, The Musing Mouse is dedicated to the brainchildren of Walter Elias Disney, specifically the parks, hotels, and the like at Walt Disney World Resort. You might find some analysis concerning Disney media every now and then, but I find that the parks are incredibly underrated when it comes to its underpinnings of aesthetic philosophy. I hope to reveal that beauty for what it truly is.